Green Challenge Waste Management is a social enterprise based in Vancouver’s Downtown East-side. We provide training and employment opportunities for persons with barriers to employment. Working closely with our clients we develop waste management solutions to suit their needs.

Not only do we help our customers save money and protect the environment, we also help them contribute to society. Taking the Green Challenge is the win-win solution for customers, the environment, and the inner city.

At Green Challenge Waste Management we are putting your waste to work through the creation of jobs in Vancouver’s Downtown East-side.

Our mission is threefold:

  1. Help customers reduce costs.
  2. Help the environment by reducing waste from landfills.
  3. Help society by providing jobs for people with barriers to employment.

Let us help you promote your business and brand by using our services and by donating your unwanted items (for corporate donations please contact us).

Green Challenge Waste Management is fully licensed, insured, and Worksafe BC covered. Each of our staff are professionally trained and qualified to provide a high quality service for all of your needs. We use only biodegradable products in our cleanup services; and we are committed to recycling and donating as many items as possible from our waste management services.