Green Challenge Waste Management supports various Societies in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside by providing valuable donations to the society’s tenants. In May 2010 we partnered with Oakley Canada to provide volunteer labour for Vancouver’s Downtown East-side Community.

Oakley Press Release

VANCOUVER, BC (May 1, 2010): Just as the 2010 Olympic Winter Games left its mark on the city of Vancouver, Oakley Incorporated, one of the world’s most recognizable eyewear and apparel companies, wanted to ensure they were making their own mark by giving back to the city that hosted this memorable event. Derek Heidt, Oakley Sports Marketing Manager, generously donated almost $24,000 worth of beds, linens and towels to the downtown eastside community.

Simpson Community Services was the recipient of these goods. Founding member Dylan Goggs was thrilled with the donation. “This donation from Oakley Canada is fantastic! It will greatly benefit many of the people we work with in Vancouver. This donation will directly impact the lives of each of these tenants and any future tenants we will receive. The beds were worth approximately $24,000, a figure which is beyond our budget for beds for those we house. As a result we will save thousands of dollars which can be spent in other areas developing the work and benefiting the lives of many of Vancouver’s poorest and marginalized persons. There is also the immediate benefit to the tenants who will receive high quality beds offering extra comfort to those who are seniors, those who are sick, and those who are at palliative care stage of their lives.”

Derek Heidt of Oakley Canada said “Having actively been involved in two Olympic games (both as an athlete, and as a epresentative of a major corporation), I have been exposed to the endless controversy, and numerous advantages the global event generates. Although the games are but a memory now, Oakley original set out to leave our own legacy, and turn our corporate needs into a greater good. With all the attention (or lack thereof) on the downtown east side, we were thrilled to find an organization like Simpson Community Services who service to countless establishments around the lower mainland with a special focus on the struggling Main and Hastings area. We hope our donation helps a person in need of a leg up, as we all know how valuable a simple, but good night’s sleep can be.”

Simpson Community Services Society is a new Society and has recently partnered with Community Builders Benevolence Group. Both Society’s work together and are based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and in a marginalized community in the heart of Surrey. In these two locales, the Society’s operates four privately owned rooming houses; the Jubilee, Dodson, Powell, and Guru Nanak, and provides safe and supportive housing for 200 persons that are at-risk to homelessness.