How to dispose of problem junk

How to dispose of problem junk

What if there was a magical service that came to your house to pick-up used paint cans, Styrofoam packaging, that broken shower rod, e-waste, moldy drywall, old carpet, empty milk cartons, and more?

I have seen the light, people. There is a recycling heaven. It’s a new phenomenon called “green” junk removal. And you need it in your life.

There have always been companies to haul waste to the dump. But what about those items that need a little more care because they’ll poison the environment if they end up in the landfill, or sorting and disposal smarts because they can be reused or recycled?

Twice, over the years — armed with my trusty green coupons — I’ve ordered “green” junk removal services. (That’s right, when I’m not researching your frequently asked questions about waste and recycling, I’m plotting cleaning up my own garage of horrors.)

Green Coast Rubbish, located in Vancouver, solved my recent disposal conundrum (and these boys sweep up after themselves, too). They’re local experts in sustainable waste diversion for residents and businesses. And they will pick-up mattresses, appliances, furniture, tires, paint, pesticides, batteries, and a host of building materials.

Green Challenge Waste Management offers a similar service in Metro Vancouver and helps people who may be struggling with barriers to employment by providing training and jobs.

Planning a public event or neighbourhood festival? Urban Impact helps businesses and community organizers realize their zero waste dreams.

Who does “green” junk removal in your city?


Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green

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