Vancouver Hoarding Clean up: What To Look For

Vancouver Hoarding Clean up: What To Look For

Here are some of the basics to look for when performing a site visit:

Hoarding: What To Look For

  • Clutter that impedes or prevents entrance to or egress from a building;
  • Clutter that impedes or prevents movement in and around the unit, house, or mobile home;
  • Clutter that prevents any part of the inside or outside of a dwelling to  be used for its intended purpose;
  • Trash and garbage inside a unit, house or mobile home, or outside causing infestations or health concerns for the occupant/s or neighbors;
  • Stairs falling in or ceilings collapsing from the weight of clutter;
  • A large number of animals that are not being cared for and cause a health risk for the occupants, neighbors, and/or general public;
  • Clutter to the extent that the facilities of the dwelling are not usable.
  • Combustible materials stored too close to a source that could ignite it or potentially ignite it, i.e. stove, over heater vents, portable electric heaters, furnace, gas cans, fire places;
  • Gas cans or other noxious materials, stored in a unit, house or a mobile home, of which the fumes become a potential health hazard;

Prepared by Jim Burdell, Housing Specialist
Western Massachusetts Division of the Housing Court

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